Tuesday, February 21, 2017


            It is important to maintain one’s balance in order to stay centered on the path. Moving quickly can be good for a short time. But if moving too quickly or suddenly causes lost balance, especially when changing direction, you could step off the path. Losing balance, losing the way, the path, can cause ripples that may not be good.
            Being centered and balanced produces positive energy. This energy goes out in circles that spread peace and joy. When off balance, the energy is not positive, but it spreads out in circles just the same. Good or bad, centered or not, balanced or not, we spread energy by causing rippling circles.
            Sometimes it is good to slow down, to pause, and to take tiny steps that may seem to move us nowhere. But if the tiny steps change our direction along the path, it is good. To change direction in a steady, balanced, controlled way is better than a sudden turn that throws us off kilter and causes us to stagger off the path.
            When we feel ourselves careening out of control, staggering off kilter, we must give ourselves the gift of time and patience. We must allow ourselves the leisure of slowing the pace and taking those baby steps that enable us to recenter and find balance in order to change direction smoothly.

            We must strive to be mindful of the energy we are sharing when we act. The circles will grow; the ripples will spread, no matter what. It is up to us, through mindful practice and consideration, to ensure that we create positive ripples. We must choose to share our positive energy and choose to pause and carefully shift our negative energy to prevent its spread until we are balanced and centered once again. In this way, it is all good.

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