Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Solidarity Cups


A well rounded belly, to remind us that at the moment we emerged from our mother’s womb, we did so equal to every other human being.

A cup with no handle, to allow a universal grip from all directions, by all hands.

A black band, reminiscent of an armband, to remind us to mourn those lost to the fight for freedom and equality.

Lined in yellow, the color of soft sunlight, to remind us that we all carry a light within us, the Divine Light, and it is our duty and privilege to spill that light out and share it with others.

The black band is not glazed, so that we can stay in touch with our inner clay and be mindful of our inner darkness.

The body of the cup comes in many colors, just like our fellow human beings.


  1. Lovely sentiment. Lovely work. Lovely artisan.

    1. Thank you so much. This project has grown into something so much bigger than me, but has been a Godsend for helping me keep my peace of mind.